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The majority of the homes and apartment houses we rebuild are located in San Francisco.  Because the City by the Bay requires the most stringent engineering and construction codes in the world, Bloch Construction Inc. has forged lasting relationships with the leading steel, concrete and engineering companies to complete the most difficult construction projects.  These companies are committed to providing the foundation and steel materials and surfaces required to make your structure safe and solid.

Bloch Construction Inc. was originally established as a Fire Restoration Company.  We specialize in Fire Damage Restoration so we can confidently assure our clients that the rebuild of your home or business will be done correctly and in a timely manner.  Please call us for references or speak with us to see some of our work close-up in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.  You'll understand why our clients refer us to others in need of Fire Damage Restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration

Seismic Retrofitting

Full Service Construction

Finish and Custom Carpentry

Our company is built on relationships.  Above all, our relationship with our clients is the most important.  Our employees are the most trained and qualified tradesmen in the business.  Our sub-contractors know us and know what we expect of them.  Our pass rate for inspections and safety are consistently high because we only work with qualified peers.  We supervise every aspect of the construction process and check quality from start to finish.  This keeps our referral rate consistently high, benefiting both client and our business.

Because we enjoy seeing the result of our restoration projects as much as you do, we pride ourselves on attention to detail.  Custom work and finish carpentry are among our biggest strengths.  San Francisco architecture in particular demands knowledgeable carpentry skills when it comes to crown, dental and window dressings. Bay Area residents are discerning when it comes to kitchens, baths, flooring, interior and exterior moulding work and stone.  We look forward to helping you realize the final look of your restoration and providing years of enjoyment upon completion of the project.



Because fire is all-consuming, BCI has built its reputation on solid construction services providing the most seamless means to total reconstruction.  In addition to our Full-Service Construction Services, we also offer Consultation and Estimating services for your unique project. 

Consultation and Estimating Services

Most people are lucky enough never to experience fire damage of their property.  But if you're reading this, chances are, you have a host of questions of what to do next.  We can give you the answers to those questions, explain what to expect in the coming days, weeks and months, and give you a written, industry-standard estimate.  Please contact us to discuss your options.  We will help ensure that you get the very most you deserve from this challenging experience

We use

​​The Industry-Standard
-Fire Damage Restoration
-Seismic Retrofitting
-Full Service Construction
-Finish & Custom Carpentry
-Consulting and Estimating


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