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Based in the heart of San Francisco, Bloch Construction Inc. is a leader in Fire Damage Restoration and Seismic Retrofitting. Offering the highest value for your reconstruction experience, BCI completes projects on-time and on-budget with years of experience in this specialized field.  Whether single-family dwelling, duplex or multi-unit property, Bloch Construction Inc. has the knowledge, technical skill and completion record to satisfy your demanding requirements.

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Our Mission

Fire damage is an unexpected interruption in the lives of property owners.  Our goal at BCI is to lessen the burden of stress and help smoothly navigate the challenges of insurance claims, replacement value and the issue of upgrades. Not only do we strive to be the Premier Fire Damage Restoration Company, but even more importantly, to advise and consult our clients on their best choices and options when dealing with the challenges of insurance-based construction.

Why BCI?

Fire damage restoration is a specialized field.  Unlike conventional construction, fire damage permeates a building in a non-linear fashion, presenting burn patterns that irregularly consume walls and produce smoke particles that spread far beyond the actual site of the fire itself.  Adding to the complexity of fire damage is the myriad technical issues regarding seismic upgrades, replacement values, code demands and

insurance policy red tape..BCI has the combined experience of 100 years of dealing with these unique challenges and brings this knowledge to your project.

Giving Back

BCI is committed to strengthening the communities in which we do business by contributing both our time and financial support.  Please see the links below for further information regarding these important causes.

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When fire strikes, we're here to help...


"When my building first burned down I was overwhelmed.  Jason me get my home back to better than new.  They know the ins-and-outs of the insurance game and took a very complicated situation and made it clear and understandable. We ended up doing a lot of seismic upgrades, and now I feel like I'm on solid ground again.  Thanks Bloch Construction, for giving me back my  peace of mind.​" 
Mike G., S.F.

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